Shwe Denti is a dental clinic comprised of a multidisciplinary team where patients can seek for any kind of dental treatment in a convenient location. The primary purpose of the clinic is to provide the best service and dental healthcare for the community.


Services provided at Shwe Denti include cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, root canals therapy, oral surgery, periodontal care, wisdom teeth surgery, and all-ceramic crown & bridge replacement. Shwe Denti offers special care for patients who have medically compromised conditions such as cardiac conditions, diabetes, hypertension, renal failure and cancer. We also provide dental assessments for patients undergoing major surgeries and those about to undergo radiation/chemotherapy treatment so as to minimize oral complications during treatment or in the post-surgical period. We provide orthodontic treatment for patients in order to have a brighter and more confident smile.


The most important concern of Shwe Denti is the safety and well-being of the patient. Dental patients are provided the utmost care by medical specialists and dentists that can efficiently communicate with one another for consultations without any delay. Dental treatment such as neonatal teeth, oral birth defects, and any oral pathology can be provided even for new born babies.